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Watch how Comodo PROTECTS AGAINT the WannaCry RANSOMWARE virus

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How Comodo Protects Against Ransomware Attacks?

Traditional Antivirus products are ineffective against ransomware as they basically follow a detection-only approach as their first line of defence. This means that the ransomware has to infect somebody before it can be classified as a threat. Obviously this is not effective protection, nobody should have to sacrifice themselves by being infected and extorted before a solution is provided.

Attacks by well-know ransomware can be prevented as the malware's signature will have been added to the database of major antivirus companies. But how do users protect themselves against brand new, zero day ransomware? New ransomware is 'unknown' to a traditional antivirus scanner until it has been detected and proven to be malicious by an unfortunate victim.

Comodo Internet Security

Comodo Internet Security beats zero-day ransomware with a default-deny approach and containment system. All unrecognised processes and applications - which could be zero-day exploits - are automatically run in a secure container where they are not allowed to access a users files and data. While contained, the behaviour of the unknown process is analysed and cannot access or infect the rest of the network. Allowing workplace productivity to continue, meaning the user is able to work safely and uninterrupted until a verdict is made on the infected file. If behaviour testing finds the file to be malicious it will be immediately quarantined.

Comodo Containment Against Ransomware

Comodo provides the worlds most sophisticated and comprehensive protection platform by preventing ransomware from ever accessing your network. Auto-containment with Valkyrie protects your endpoints with a “default deny” strategy that secures your environment by only allowing known good files/applications while keeping unknown (potentially bad) files/applications in Secure Auto-Containment.



Comodo Valkyrie   Comodo Auto-Containment

Comodo Valkyrie is a cloud based File Analysis Platform that provides static, dynamic and even human expert analysis for submitted files of unknown and zero day files. Valkyrie's verdict driven platform processes over 200 million unknown file submissions each day, uncovering more than 300 million unknown files every year, through tightly integrated Comodo solutions, partnerships, and our active global community of threat researchers.


Auto-Containment is an integrated feature of Comodo AEP. Comodo Advanced Endpoint Protection (AEP) provides the world’s most sophisticated and comprehensive endpoint protection platform by protecting your endpoints with a “default deny” strategy that secures your environment by only allowing known good code to execute while keeping unknown (potentially bad) code in Secure Auto-Containment.



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