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ICYMI: WannaCry - NHS hit; Round 2? who to blame?; predecessor; MalwareTech

In Case You Missed it: WannaCry global ransomware attack freezes NHS, Apportioning blame, Backgound and precedents, Saving the day

A combination of WannaCrypt0r and the EternalBlue exploit harvested from the NSA is forcing the closure of networks around the world including many NHS trusts in the UK.



ATM Black Box attack heists lead to arrest of 27 European cyber-crooks

Efforts of a number of EU Member States and Norway have culminated in arrests of 27 people connected to ATM "Black Box" attacks across Europe.

27 criminals involved in the Black Box attacks were identified in numerous countries in 2016 and 2017. Arrests occurred in Czech Republic (3), Estonia (4), France (11), the Netherlands (2), Romania (2), Spain (2) and Norway (3).



74 countries hit by NSA-powered WannaCrypt ransomware backdoor: Emergency fixes emitted by Microsoft for WinXP+ MAY 13th 2017

All you need to know - from ports to samples

Special report The WannaCrypt ransomware worm, aka WanaCrypt or Wcry, today exploded across 74 countries, infecting hospitals, businesses including Fedex, rail stations, universities, at least one national telco, and more organisations.



Android flaw used by 74% of ransomware to be fixed in August MAY 12th 2017

A flaw in Android reportedly used by most mobile ransomware is due to be fixed this summer when the new operating system, Android 0, is released

An Android flaw, profited from by nearly three quarters of all ransomware will be fixed in August, a Check Point report has revealed. What is known as the SYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOW command, though used by many legitimate apps, can be harnessed by ransomware to lock users out of their phones.



Barts NHS Suffers Another IT Outage Due To Cyber Attack That's Spreading Across London Hospitals MAY 12th 2017

SOURCES: The cyber attack looks to be ransomware based

Barts Health NHS Trust has suffered another IT outage, with concerns the five hospitals it runs may have been hit with a cyber attack that is creeping across London and other NHS hospitals.



NASA Wants Help From Coders To Speed Up Old Software MAY 5th 2017

Entrants will be given the code to analyse and search for bottlenecks

NASA is running a competition to find coders who can help speed up its FUN3D software, which is used in the design of experimental aircraft.

NASA wants the software to run up to 10,000 times faster than it currently does without any reductions in accuracy and the two winners will be given $55,000 (£42,000) between them to make this happen.



Russian Fatboy ransomware-as-a-service offers customer support over Jabber MAY 5th 2017

This article originally appeared on SC Magazine UK.

The malware, discovered by Recorded Future and dubbed “Fatboy”, uses The Economist's Big Mac Index as a reference. The ransomware changes the amount of money it charges, so that victims in areas with a higher cost of living will be charged more to have their data decrypted.



Leaked Document Outlines Government Plans For ‘Live’ Internet Surveillance MAY 5th 2017

Open Rights Group head says public has a right to know about government surveillance plans

A draft technical document has been leaked allegedly outlining the UK government’s plans for the “live” internet surveillance of British web users under the Investigatory Powers (IP) Act.



Pen-tester gets past Microsoft VB macro barriers MAY 2nd 2017

Outlook Forms aren't macros, after all - but is it a bug or a feature?

A bunch of white-hat researchers have turned up a nasty new vector for attacking Microsoft Outlook: a forms creation feature that bypasses macro rules so attackers can get to the victim's shell.



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