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2017: A New Year in Security

In 2016 we learned lessons in IT which affect many companies globally, such as:

Insider threats Users that do not understand IT security and the importance of it are just as damaging to a company’s security posture as a poorly managed Security solution. So educating users should be high on the list of priorities this year.

Ransomware Was one of the biggest threats of 2016, now that vendors have responded with new next generation software capable of dealing with this threat have you implemented it yet? Every day this upgrade is put off is like standing on a street corner asking who wants your banking details.

Simple IT The key to a secure environment is having a simple IT security procedures in place and increasing end user awareness of the threats that are around them and simple daily checks that can help prevent them from losing their hard work.

How can you make sure you're safe in 2017?

We offer a variety of professional services to guide and assist you. Our security health check will give you an insight to your current security situation and how we can advise on a solution to fit your environment following best practices and provide on-site training.

What you CAN DO NEXT

Our security consultants can help you address these challenges. Take our Remote Health Check review to make sure you are protected.



Our free Remote Health checks will give you the opportunity to ensure you are protected against the latest malware, ransomware.


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